Continuous synthesis of fine chemicals

Do you want to significantly optimize your production costs for the synthesis of fine chemicals and their purity at the same time? Are you looking for an innovative technology that enables synthesis processes based on the principles of Green Chemistry?

We can offer you the right solution!


Cascade reactions for the heterogeneously catalyzed synthesis of chiral fine chemicals in a continuously operated reactor system

The advantages of our approach:

  • Hardly any changeover times
  • Cost savings due to mild reaction conditions
  • Better process control through micro process engineering and flow chemistry methods
  • Less effort in the downstream process due to heterogeneous catalysis
  • Higher yield and better selectivity
  • Use of sustainable components with simultaneous minimization of precious metals

Our service offer

We offer developments and feasibility studies in the following areas:

  • Material development and upscaling in the field of catalysts
  • Reactor development for cascade processes
  • Plant and process development